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The Preserving Immersive Media Knowledge Base is a resource created to help share information between members of the digital preservation community who are caring for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), 360 video, real-time 3D software and other similar materials. This site was born out of Tate's Preserving Immersive Media Project with funding from the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision. Since this project has it's roots in museum practice, there are many references to artworks and elements of conservation practice, however we invite collaboration from all related practices!

The Knowledge Base is designed as a flexible and collaborative space for sharing information and materials that may be work-in-progress or based on best available knowledge. As such, it is constantly evolving and pages can never be considered final or authoritative! If you are new here, these pages might be useful places to start:

For a longer read the white paper published as an output of Tate's immersive media research is a useful place to start learning about VR and the preservation challenges it poses.

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